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My name is Kihong Kim, CEO of Saint Security Co., Ltd., where we build Pleased to meet you!

The reason why I'm posting this announcement today is to address a number of important functional and operational changes that will be going through.

Most of all, I'd like to say a huge thank you to all our supporters. We've come a long way since April 1st, 2014, the day we introduced to the world. We couldn't have come this far without your support. Thank you so much. Many doubted that we'll be able to come this far, but the number of malware samples we collect increased every day since's beginning, and today we process over 1 million samples daily.

We have grown alongside VirusTotal since's launch. We complemented each other by sharing our expertise and data, and formed a valuable alliance which we maintain to this day. Various intelligence services including provide multi-engine antivirus detection information through their APIs, directly or indirectly. Recently, however, this ecosystem of intelligence services began to deteriorate into an indirect performance competition rather than a win-win situation between antivirus vendors. This situation is accelerating the unhealthy cycle of substituting various intelligence services in place of antivirus products.

VirusTotal and have been working together to mitigate this situation. As a result, we decided to proactively comply to VirusTotal's policy as described in its blog post, 'Maintaining a healthy community'(

As you all know,'s core principle is to protect the IT infrastructures and our clients from various cyber threats. To claim victory in this endless war, we need to work together with our allies. To provide our service while hindering our allies would be to violate our core principle.

Therefore, will change and adhere to the rules below:

A. All information related to VirusTotal will be removed from

- VirusTotal processes critical detection information provided by various antivirus vendors. This information is an exclusive property of their respective brands, and will not use them in any unauthorized way.

- will also follow the operational ideas and terms of AMTSO(Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization). We will strive for the continued growth and welfare of the antivirus market.

- Although all public information related to VirusTotal will be removed from, we will be maintaining our alliance with VirusTotal through data sharing and cooperation.

B. will not simply resell information provided and marketed by other companies.

- We will not resell information under the guise of cooperation.

- will provide service based on information we process and base our decisions upon.

- Our ultimate goal is to achieve victory in the fight against malwares. From now on, we will also make our fullest efforts to strengthen, expand, and contribute to the global security industry.

Thank you for your attention and support.


Kihong Kim,

CEO, Saint Security Co., Ltd.

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